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i love bald people but where does their forehead stop, does it just wrap around their head? is it just one big forehead? where does it end

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if a gay guy complements a girl does he say “no hetero” afterwards?

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This is an absolutely heartbreaking case of police brutality. A 22 year old black man with down syndrome was beaten by the police for the bulge in his pants. That bulge turned out to be his colostomy bag. They ripped the bag off his body. This was an unprovoked attack. No one is safe out here.

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Remember the case of 22 year old Gilberto Powell.

Absolutely heartbreaking and so is the reporting. You might be sighing in relief like “wow at least they represented him fairly” I don’t think so. Why do they say he was “in an encounter that left him badly bruised” as if it was just a ghost or an ambiguous wave that went over him and he magically got bruised. Someone enacted violent force UPON HIM. There was an active party harming him and they make it seem like “he happened to just wind up bruised” instead of opening with “a police officer violently attacked him for no reason”. Subtle but completely inappropriate. They have “Excessive force?” in a banner as if it’s not clear… This incident is horrifying and the reporting is completely inappropriate.


Everyone’s like whoa, ants can lift 50 times their weight. A fucking leaf is like 50 times their weight. I’ll fight an ant right now.

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Reblog if you’re the Kim Kardashian of your family.

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